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Success Starts Here: Launching Your Property in the Rental Market

At the pivotal launch moment, everything is arranged for your property to achieve high performance in terms of rental income.

The CHECKiN team has worked on enhancing your urban apartment or chalet and has established a pricing strategy. It's time for the online launch of your unit, a crucial step where you have the opportunity to make an excellent first impression and attract the right guests. Let's delve into the details of this step.

Informative Content and Property Preparation

CHECKiN creates informative content about your property for efficient communication with guests. This involves a detailed description of all amenities, the prime location, and nearby attractions. Our team takes care of finalizing all the details, ensuring that your listing is appealing and informative.

Listings on Rental Platforms

Having just any listing won't cut it. CHECKiN creates attractive and effective listings, optimized for various rental platforms, thus attracting a wide range of potential customers.

Posters and Information Labels

Your guests deserve a stress-free and pleasant experience. CHECKiN produces and installs informative posters and labels in your property, providing essential information to guests, from contact details to equipment usage instructions.

Custom Digital Guide for Guests

Hospitality goes beyond the property itself. The CHECKiN team creates a personalized digital guide for your guests. They'll have all the necessary information at their fingertips, making their stay easy and memorable.

Thorough Cleaning

Before welcoming your first guests, it's essential that the property is spotless. CHECKiN's experienced team ensures that your chalet or urban apartment is perfectly clean and ready to receive guests.

Optimized Pricing Strategy

Now that everything is set, it's time to set the prices. We open the calendars, strategically configure the rates, and apply our personalized and optimized pricing strategy. This will ensure that you maximize your rental income, getting a fair value for your investment.

The launch of your property in the rental market is an exciting moment that can define long-term success. With the support of the CHECKiN team, you can be confident that your property is prepared to impress and attract the right guests.

The four fundamental steps to transform your property into a source of income: