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Robust Recovery Signals Economic Boost in Tourism Industry

Canada's tourism industry is demonstrating a robust rebound, expected to make a substantial contribution of over $162 billion to the country's economy in 2023, according to recent research by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC). The study forecasts the creation of approximately 90,000 jobs in 2023, bringing the total employment in the industry to 1.64 million.

New Regulations Impacting Short-Term Rentals in Quebec

Quebec has enacted specific regulations outlined in Bill 25, targeting unauthorized tourist accommodations. The legislation introduces stringent measures to combat illegal rentals, with offending platforms facing substantial fines, potentially reaching up to $100,000 per illicit advertisement.


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Transforming Your Apartment or Chalet into an Income Source

Are you the proud owner of a stylish chalet or a trendy apartment, eager to unlock its full potential as an income-generating machine through rentals?

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Activation: Preparing Your Property for Exceptional Performance

This phase promotes the successful listing of your chalet or apartment as well as an exceptional customer experience.

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Overcome the 5 Most Common Property Management Challenges with CHECKiN

Managing rental properties can be quite challenging for owners of apartments and/or tourist chalets.

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