We are CHECKiN

A team of rental management experts whose members share a common passion for real estate, hospitality, and technology. Our values of integrity, transparency and self-surpassing have led us to build a unique and evolving business model that revolutionizes the archaic model of rental management

Indeed, our client-owners can now have 100% confidence in their manager. Not only do they get their rental income first, they retain the intellectual property of their listings on international rental platforms. Thus, thanks to the collaborative work between CHECKiN and our client-owners, they will be able to sell their properties with optimized added value.

Why do business with CHECKiN?

You get paid first

Our clients get ALL rental income first, directly into their bank account, resulting from confirmed reservations on international platforms such as Airbnb and VRBO. Indeed, it is only the following month that CHECKiN sends its invoice for the services rendered.

You are in control

Our clients remain in control of the intellectual property of their Airbnb and VRBO account, which increases the value of their chalet when it is sold. Unfortunately, the majority of the time the owners are forced to use the old archaic management system which obliges them to blindly trust the manager and let him accept reservations on an Airbnb and VRBO account which belongs to the manager.

We are transparent

In connection with the previous point, not only do our customers remain in control of their Airbnb and VRBO account while delegating 100% of the management to us, but they can see all our operations, pricing strategy and communication at their fingertips at any time. The bond of trust is solidified quickly when you know that at any time you can see which guests we accept or refuse and what your reservation calendar looks like.

We are experienced

Finally, our security processes and the overall quality of our services have been improved and renewed since 2016. We have a wide variety of properties under management and know exactly the strategy to adopt depending on the product you delegate to us. Our innovative guest verification systems make us very proud and give our customers peace of mind.

Join us, we are everywhere

Our team shares its expertise with owners wishing to offer a 5-star experience to their guests and who have the long-term success of their real estate project at heart.

Our services are available everywhere and our team can accompany you no matter where you are in your real estate investment adventure. Our clients live all over the world but all have in common that they want an experienced manager who cares about the reputation and success of their real estate project.