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Overcome the 5 Most Common Property Management Challenges with CHECKiN

Managing rental properties can be quite challenging for owners of apartments and/or tourist chalets.

However, solutions to all these challenges are within reach for anyone discovering the CHECKiN partnership, offering personalized services in the regions of Montreal and Quebec.

Challenge 1: Local Regulations

Several cities have implemented specific regulations for short-term rentals. Owners may encounter challenges in ensuring compliance with these regulations, including limits on rental days, additional fees, and specific requirements.

CHECKiN Solution: To address these complex regulations, CHECKiN has a dedicated team constantly monitoring changes in laws and regulations. We ensure that owners always adhere to these standards, adjusting our operational practices based on rental day limits, additional fees, and specific requirements. Our commitment is to provide a seamless experience in line with local guidelines.

Challenge 2: Fierce Competition

Post-pandemic, competition has intensified, impacting occupancy rates and the rates owners can charge.

CHECKiN Solution: A strategic presentation of content and rates allows each rental unit to find guests ahead of the competition. We use analytical data to manage occupancy rates and optimize prices, attracting guests and maximizing owners' earnings.

Challenge 3: Maintenance and Management

Managing a rental property involves tasks such as regular cleaning, facility maintenance, and constant communication with guests. Effectively managing these aspects can be time-consuming, at any time of the day.

CHECKiN Solution: We offer a comprehensive approach to property management, including cleaning services, efficient maintenance, and a dedicated communication platform for transparent interactions with guests. CHECKiN simplifies operational management, allowing owners to focus on strategic aspects while we handle operational details.

Challenge 4: Reviews and Reputation

Guest reviews have a significant impact on a owner's ability to attract new guests. Maintaining a good reputation requires consistent service and attention to guest needs.

CHECKiN Solution: The CHECKiN team values owners' reputations and prioritizes constant, high-quality service. We implement proactive practices to ensure guest satisfaction, encouraging positive reviews that enhance the property's appeal. We effectively manage feedback to maintain a positive reputation.

Challenge 5: Market Fluctuations

The short-term rental market can be subject to seasonal fluctuations and local events. It can be challenging for an independent property owner to quickly respond to market variations and identify ways to optimize occupancy and profits.

CHECKiN Solution: Anticipating seasonal fluctuations and local events, CHECKiN develops flexible strategies to optimize occupancy and earnings. Predictive analysis and dynamic adaptation to market conditions are at the core of our approach, ensuring maximum returns for owners.

Consider overcoming these challenges with CHECKiN and feel free to request an evaluation and income estimate under professional management.

Context of Challenges Faced by Tourist Accommodation Owners:


  • Tourism Growth: Canada experienced continuous growth in tourist activities, peaking in 2019. The tourist accommodation sector followed this growth, forming a competitive market that challenged owners to become professionals.


  • COVID-19 Pandemic: The pandemic significantly impacted global tourism. Travel restrictions, border closures, and lockdowns severely affected the tourist accommodation sector, with many establishments facing economic challenges.


  • Demand Growth for Chalets and Spacious Properties for Remote Work: With the widespread adoption of remote work, there was a shift in demand towards more spacious accommodations, such as chalets and properties offering environments conducive to remote work. Conversely, central buildings faced a sharp decline in demand, with many withdrawing from the market.


  • Recovery of Tourist Activities After the Pandemic: With the introduction of vaccines and the gradual lifting of pandemic-related restrictions, the tourism sector began to recover. Demand for urban tourist accommodations started to grow gradually. The regulation process of the activity resurfaces, amid a housing crisis.

March 2023:

  • Fire in the Old Port: A tragic fire in the Old Port of Montreal in March 2023, resulting in seven deaths, broadens discussions about the safety of unlicensed rental accommodations. The debate encourages an escalation of restrictions on rental accommodations and online booking platforms.
  • Growing Tourism: The growth of revenue in the tourism and tourist travel industry hints at a continued growth in accommodation demand. Owners of rental accommodations are challenged to operate in a more competitive market and optimize their performance.