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Travel Outlook: Canadians to Spend More on Summer Travel

Summer travel spending in Canada is projected to increase in 2024, according to Deloitte Canada's inaugural Summer Travel Outlook report. The report reveals that 77% of Canadians intend to spend more than they did last year.

Despite facing high costs and economic pressures, Canadians are eager to compensate for lost travel opportunities, with an average planned expenditure of $2,405 on transportation and accommodation for their primary summer trip. Notably, 74% of travelers plan to explore the diverse offerings within Canada, opting to stay within the country.

72% of residents in central Canada plan to remain in Ontario and Quebec.

74% of Canadians plan to spend their summer vacation within the country this year.

79% of Canadians strongly prefer supporting local, independent, and family-owned businesses.

The report highlights that, despite an uncertain economic climate, Canadians are prioritizing their summer travel plans, seeking a range of experiences from lakeside retreats to urban escapes. This enthusiasm for domestic travel underscores the resilience and adaptability of the Canadian tourism sector.

Key insights from the report indicate that travelers from Central Canada (Ontario and Quebec) are expected to have the highest expenditures, averaging $2,459. The trend of supporting local businesses remains strong, with 79% of Canadians expressing a preference for local and independent establishments over large chains. Additionally, Prince Edward Island is poised to attract a significant number of visitors from outside its region, with 78% originating from Central or Western/Northern Canada, demonstrating the diverse travel interests within the country.

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