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Transparency: key factor for rental property owners

One of the most common grievances among property owners in the tourism industry is the lack of transparency when they entrust their properties to third-party management.

14/06/2024 - The concern about losing control over income and uncertainty about what is happening with the rented property can be upsetting for the owners.

However, at TeamCHECKiN, we have revolutionized this landscape with a solution that ensures complete transparency and peace of mind for our clients. At the core of our approach is a transparent and efficient model that has reshaped rental property management.

Unprecedented Transparency

Property owners benefit from real-time visibility into all aspects of property management. From guest communications to pricing strategies and the meticulous guest selection process, everything is accessible to clients 24/7.

Direct Revenue Distribution

Unlike traditional models where management companies delay payments, at CHECKiN, property owners receive their rental income directly and promptly. Our clients are the first to receive their earnings. This ensures a clear and straightforward financial flow without unnecessary delays.

Control over Listings

Maintaining control over their listings is a paramount concern for property owners. CHECKiN uniquely empowers owners by allowing them to retain control of their Airbnb and VRBO accounts. Our strategic approach optimizes listing visibility and positioning across multiple platforms, maximizing booking potential and enhancing property exposure.

Discover how our innovative approach can elevate your property management experience: TeamCHECKiN Services.