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The Battle of AI Travel Tools Built for Trip Planning

In the ever-evolving landscape of travel planning, artificial intelligence is becoming a game-changer, offering travelers unprecedented convenience and personalization.

14/06/2024 - Expedia and, titans of the travel industry, have recently launched innovative AI-powered tools aimed at revolutionizing how travelers plan and experience their trips, while Airbnb prepares a more interactive experience.

Expedia's Romie, introduced through its iOS app in the U.S., leverages OpenAI's cutting-edge models to deliver real-time itinerary building, personalized dining recommendations, and proactive alerts for potential disruptions. Romie seamlessly integrates with Expedia's booking platform, ensuring users have a comprehensive and streamlined planning experience right from their smartphones.

Meanwhile,'s AI Trip Planner utilizes ChatGPT to provide hyper-personalized travel suggestions. This tool allows travelers to engage in natural language conversations to refine their itineraries and uncover hidden gems tailored to their preferences. With features designed to enhance productivity and user interaction, aims to set a new standard in intuitive and efficient travel planning solutions.

In a competitive move, Airbnb is also stepping up its AI game by acquiring GamePlanner.AI, a startup founded by Siri’s co-founder, signaling its intent to enhance user interfaces and offer more interactive features for travelers. This strategic acquisition underscores Airbnb's commitment to leveraging AI to create a more personalized and adaptive travel experience.


For a detailed comparison between Expedia's Romie and's AI Trip Planner, USA TODAY conducted an insightful review to help travelers determine which AI assistant best suits their needs. Whether you're booking accommodations, planning activities, or seeking local insights, these AI tools promise to transform how you plan and enjoy your next vacation.

Explore the full comparison on USA TODAY to discover how AI-powered travel tools can elevate your travel planning experience: AI Trip Planning Tool Comparison.