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Canada Aims to Boost Tourism Revenue with International Visitors

Canada is seeking to increase the share of international tourists in its tourism revenue.

Currently, spending by local tourists (76% of the total) and international tourists (24%) is showing growth trends, but Canadian authorities see greater growth potential from foreign visitors, particularly due to simplified entry policies for visa-free countries.

Domestic tourism spending by Canadians increased by 2.0% in the fourth quarter of 2023. This growth was mainly driven by a 4.2% increase in spending on passenger air transport. For the year, domestic tourism spending rose by 7.7% in 2023, with a notable 34.1% increase in spending on air travel.

In contrast, spending by foreign tourists in Canada experienced more significant growth. In the fourth quarter of 2023, international tourism spending increased by 3.3%. Comparing annual data, international tourism expenditures totaled $15.803 million in 2022, compared to $21.748 million in 2023, marking a 37.62% increase, according to Statistics Canada.

This continuous rise in spending by international tourists highlights the untapped potential of this revenue source. The Canadian government is implementing initiatives to attract more foreign visitors, particularly by simplifying visa policies for visa-free countries. Visitors from these countries, many of which are from Europe, Asia, and Oceania, find it easier to enter Canada. Countries benefiting from visa exemption include, among others, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and the United Kingdom, contributing to the increase in international tourist numbers.

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Montreal, with attractions like the Old Port and Mount Royal, as well as its famous festivals, plays a key role in this strategy to diversify and enrich Canada’s tourism offerings. By facilitating the entry of foreign tourists and highlighting its cultural and natural attractions, Canada is positioning itself as a top destination for travelers worldwide.

In conclusion, while spending by local tourists continues to grow, Canada is focusing on increasing revenue from international visitors. This strategic shift aims to solidify Canada’s position as one of the most welcoming and attractive tourist destinations in the world.