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Heat Wave in Montreal Causes Discomfort Among Tourists

The recent heat wave that struck Montreal last week caused significant discomfort among tourists, especially those staying in accommodations without air conditioning. According to the AirDNA platform, among the 15,800 rental units from Montreal listed on sites like Airbnb, 88% have heating systems for the winter, but only 78% have air conditioning for the summer.

21/06/2024 - The ability to link extreme heat events to climate change is becoming a reality, according to Environment and Climate Change Canada. The department can now publicly identify links between extreme heat episodes and climate change a few days after the event. For more details, visit CBC News.

Fortunately, the weather forecasts for the coming days are less severe, with temperatures expected to stay below 30 degrees Celsius until the end of June, providing a welcome respite. For more details on the forecasts, visit The Weather Network.

With the recent heat wave in Montreal, tourists are increasingly seeking accommodations equipped with air conditioning or powerful fans. Many tourists attempting to cancel their existing reservations to move to air-conditioned units find themselves subject to cancellation policies and face additional costs. In the future, these tourists may think twice before booking accommodations that only offer fans.

It is recommended to perform regular maintenance at the beginning and end of each season to ensure reliable equipment that will cool travelers during their stay in the city.