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Can you count on your neighbors to keep your Airbnb safe?

Parties are a major concern for short-term rental property owners. The income from a booking doesn't cover costs like a broken piece of furniture or a dirty wall, not to mention the importance of neighborhood relations for each unit.

14/06/2024 - Airbnb has taken steps to prevent parties, such as adopting clearer restrictions. Moreover, it suggests that owners even rely on their neighbors to stay informed about what's happening on their properties.

Neighbors have a channel to report disturbances. If a stay or experience on Airbnb leads to disruptions such as excessive noise, disruptive gatherings, or behaviors jeopardizing safety, local community members can report it through Neighbors Support Service. Are your neighbors willing to collaborate with your unit?

CHECKiN's specialized services go beyond the most common advice from online rental platforms. They include preventive measures against parties with property damage or disturbances to neighbors, while promoting a good reputation for the rental unit. Learn more about CHECKiN services.

Tips Shared by Airbnb:

1. Be a Good Neighbor: Inform your neighbors that you are hosting guests. Consider sharing your contact information and that of one or more trusted neighbors so they can reach out if any unexpected issues arise. If neighbors are concerned about your rental activity, reassure them that over 99% of guests do not cause any problems.

2. Set Clear Expectations: Remind guests that parties are not allowed in the house rules and welcome message. Inform them of what is permissible, such as the maximum number of occupants and the policy on visitors. The best way to manage parties, damages, and disturbances is to prevent them.

3. Know Your Guests: Effective communication with guests before and during their stay helps build trust. Airbnb advises hosts to ask basic questions about the visit and reinforce house rules to ensure guests understand what is expected of them. Be available and present, even if check-in is automated.

To implement these Airbnb-recommended practices and effective additional measures, owners can rely on specialized managers like the CHECKiN team. Property presentation, house rules, guest guide, and consistent communication can make a difference.